Drobo at Photoshop World 10/09

From before the show opened.


iSCSI: Faster than FireWire 800

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We at Data Robotics have  been getting lots of questions about iSCSI and why its faster than FireWire. In this video Mark Fuccio, Sr. Director of Products & Markets at Data Robotics, explains in detail why iSCSI is right for you if you need high speed data transfer (video editing, digital RAW file editing, large scale backups, or just a need for speed.)  

For more information, please visit: http://www.drobo.com/resources/iscsi.php

Drobo Video Contest – WINNERS!

Drobo Video Contest

We had an amazing response to our Drobo Video Contest, and as it turns out there are some very creative folks looking to store their data on Drobos! So, grab yourself some popcorn and head over to our Flickr group to screen all of the entries yourself. Congradulations to everyone who entered the contest, thank you all for participating.

We’ve whittled the winners down, but couldn’t decide between four VERY creative entries. So after some thought, we decided to change the rules a bit – instead of awarding TWO Drobo’s, we’re going to award FOUR!

So, without further delay, here are the winners of our very first Drobo Video Contest!

Aphex (Popcorn Island)

A Popcorn Island Production
An extremely creative take on what happens when you have a ton of movies stored on “other” drives, and they fail. The movies escape and terrorize your home! Don’t let this happen to you.

Lefty Burns with “Drobo Rap”

Drobo Rap

An outstanding and foot-stompin’ explanation of what happens when you run out of space. We also dig Leftys ‘fro.

“Drobo on the Case”

Drobo on the Case!

Now this one had us ROFL. The whole video is very well done, but arguably the best line was “I’m gonna need some back up”. An instant classic. Well done.

“Why we Love Drobo”

Why We Love Drobo

David’s video made US want to run out and buy a Drobo. Very well done, professional, and polished. Great work!


Everyone did a great job in putting these videos together. And we had a great time reviewing them, but a hard time deciding who the winners should be. Based on the outstanding success of this contest, keep your eye on our Twitter feed for announcements of more contests!