Buy a Drobo, get an Eye-Fi… FREE

There is no easier way to share and archive your photos.

There are two things that I feel really passionate about, and I try to advocate them to my friends, colleagues, and online – sharing photos and videos, and archiving them, EASILY.  I feel that people should be sharing their memories with others, and do something more with them, other than taking them and storing them on their computer. But those photos and videos should also be stored somewhere that’s safe and secure, because they’re part of who we are, our history, and our core. We can’t lose them.

Enter Eye-Fi and Drobo. The Eye-Fi Card makes any SD camera wireless. Come home, turn the camera on, and your photos upload to either your computer, to an online site (such as SmugMug, Picasaweb, Facebook), or both. You really don’t need to do anything else, other than turning on your camera when you’re around known Wi-Fi, or open Wi-Fi. The Eye-Fi Card will do all the heavy lifting, and you’ll never need to plug-in a USB cable, put the card into a card reader, etc… The Eye-Fi Card can also tweet, SMS/Text and email when the photos have uploaded, and without you doing anything extra, the photos will also be geotagged ☺

But where are these photos and videos getting stored? If you upload them to a paid premium sharing site, like SmugMug, they’re safely stored on their servers. But if you’re like most people, you also want a copy at home. If you’re storing them on your computer’s hard-drive, you should also have a backup. The problem is – single hard drives fail. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Your computer’s hard drive will fail one day, and if you have a backup that’s recent – you won’t lose much, other than your time restoring from the backup. Is your backup drive also a single-drive (USB or Firewire?) Great. It will fail too one day, and you’ll need to recreate your backup drive. FUN. Hopefully, it won’t happen at the same time that your computer’s hard-drive also failed.

The best way to solve the storage and archival problem at home, is to have your media stored on a Drobo. It’s a small appliance that has 4 bays, for 3.5” SATA drives. Once you populate the 4 bays with drives, the Drobo will create a large volume, for all your storage needs. If you run out of space, take out your smallest drive, and insert a larger drive. The Drobo will do all the magic to rebuild the volume, all whilst your data is still available for consumption. Feel free to mix and match drive sizes, brands and speeds. The Drobo will always do the right thing. If a drive fails – it’ll tell you, and your data will be 100% safe and secure. Swap in a new, fresh drive, and Drobo will rebuild the storage volume. 

The combination of Eye-Fi + Drobo is gives you touchless, instant, fully automatic sharing and archiving, all for $350. Turn your camera on at home, or even away from home, and your photos will get to the Drobo, where they are safe and secure. 

Eye-Fi and Data Robotics have partnered to give you a killer deal on a Drobo + Eye-Fi. Purchase a Drobo today from J&R, and get a free Eye-Fi 4GB Explore card ($99.99 value).